Gunther Kress

Gunther Kress is a leading theorist in the study of the exploration of multimedia with its impact on communication in an increasingly judgemental and individual world.
Kress’ Genre Theory
-          Kress fundamentally believes the evolution of genre is in correlation with its social background.
-           Kress believes that genres change and new genres are developed when situations in society and new situations begin to occur.
-          A situation is essential as well as rhetorical.
-          Society is ever changing; therefore genre is also ever-changing.
-          In contrast to Christian Metz’s theory, Kress argues that you cannot have specific codes and conventions for genre.

-          Every genre places the person and audience into a belief system where you and they assume situations.
-          Essentially Kress believes that texts are embedded with assumptions about the ideal reader including their attitudes towards subject matter and often their class, age, gender and ethnicity.

For example Gunther Kress’ genre theory can be applied to the music industry and specifically the rap genre and its sub-genres. The portrayal of Gangster Rappers has evolved over the years ever since the Gangsta Rap genre was established. When N.W.A released their debut song, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ it sent airwaves through America. Many radio stations then refused to play the song due to its intense use of profanity. The media portrayed Gangsta rappers as thugs and criminals. In this early era lyrics derived from the artist’s hate for the authorities and government system, while videos were majorly performance based. 
In contrast to the last 80s and early 90s, Gansta Rap evolved and now depicted flamboyant lifestyles, spending money, amount of possessions you own along with most notably women being degrading and being portrayed as items. 50 Cent's Candy Shop is a modern example of the Gangsta Rap genre that has evolved over the years resulting into these sort of music videos. This music video is both a performance based and narrative type. 50 Cent enters the so called 'Candy Shop' which is a